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This is a very nice idea! Someone should buy an island in 2ndLife an give the buildings to math people for free.

The city architecture should follow the architecture of the prime numbers.

Because I am a spiral man, my proposal would be that architecture of Primecity should follow the form of a discrete spiral. (Some nice things on spirals will follow on this blog)

Every house has a number (prime) all other numbers are streets.

There is a a community center in the middle and then there are the buildings for the maht people. Here a model of what I mean:

Ok, the proportions are not ok! But you see the community center in the middle an of course there are greater buildings surrounding the center. May be this picture:

makes it more clear. The connected structure in the middle is the community center. Here is a fotografie of Primecity from the ISS. It’s a big town, and it could be seen not only from the space obove planet earth, it could be seen from every place in the whole universe ;-)

We could also build a new ISS (2ndLife? Is there a plan to offer holidays in space?) based on the prinziple shown above transposed to dimension 3:

What you see is a 3-dimensional spiral of cubes that are numbered by prime numbers.

Sometimes maybe I will show you how I made this with Sketchup (a very nice Google programm that could be programmed with Ruby: if you are inpatient look at google.)