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Hm? Damn I like Javascript!

The bad world has me back. Im working as a programmer. So this is the first blog since more then 2 years. Job is ok, as far as a job (paid work) could be, but I can use my beloved Ruby language beides all this other languages one has to use. Cause it’s the first time I really have to do with users ;-)) and the user interface is web based, it’s the first time I’m involved with browser incompatibilities. Oh my god, what a mess. Thank God, there is jQuery. jQuery is a Javascript framework, that handles all this mess.

So to understand what is happening, I decided to take a deeper look at Javascript. And … dududu … I was surprised. Nice language! Simple, every thing is an object, prototypes istead of classes, closures, duck typing … and compared to Ruby, fast! (so for me it feels even very fast) Ok, Ruby is still the language of choice to solve problems, Ruby is how I think, but solved problems can be brought to the world using Javascript. And whats so good about it, is that there is a real fast gui included: firefox, chrome, ie, opera, safari … and the calculations are done on the users devices (classical copmuters, pads, mobiles, game consoles, refrigerators and so on …) Maybe, if all these browser guys had to implement Ruby as the language of web browsers, it would now be the real killer language.

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Complex Recursive Forms visualized with Sketchup

Complex Recursive Forms

The rational recursive forms gave very nice 2 dimensional picturs, but what happens if we try to generate 3 dimensional sets?

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Carpet Design with Spirals an Symmetries

h3. The Blatant Fuction

This number sequence is produced by the Blatant Function:


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Die Liste (German)

Hab vor kurzem Ecos “Die unendliche Liste” gelesen. Abgesehen davon, dass es Eco ein schönes Leben sichert, war es doch inspirierend.

Rabelais soll mein Pate sein! Ich leide nicht an Koprolalie!

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Private Twitter

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Rational Recursive (-Iterative) Forms

Some pictures (the beauty of lapse):

Just starting to investigate recursive functions in general. But got some very nice sort of pics, that I have not seen before.

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A Microtuning Playground with MS XP

A USB/Midi Odysee with Microsoft. But now I can play with micro tuned ragas and so on.

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Scales as tabulatures for guitarists

All scales in every key upto 6 #/b

This is work in progress, so be patient. Navigation is still stupid and I will give more information soon (i.e. something very usefull is still missing: What chords are in the scales.) And all this stuff is generated form the Lucytunes scales database, so there are still some things in the base I can not handle. Some pages will not be generated correctly, but very few! (of the > 30.000 tabs ;-)

How I did the scales pics

With Ruby and lilypond

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DIY: Our 2. Beer

This time really at home, even in the garden.

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The Raga Explorer

I had this guitar, that was not in use. So I decided to build the raga explorer:

I recommend you playing with the ragas at the scalespage

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Titles and first sentences of the books, that I have not yet written

Who the fuck needs money

by zuufuzu

‘’Hi my name is Arthur Breadless, but you can call me Art’’ says Art to the girl behind the counter.

I think this could become a very nice game.

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A Great Source of Inspiration

Thanks to Lucytune where I found the Data of the 2338 theoretically possible scales with Base C. I generated the pngs with Lilypond

You will have a lot of fun, especially if you play around with the Ragas. You can click on the pngs to get the data.

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Intellectual Property

  1. This sentence is my intellectual property.
  2. The translation of this sentence to any other language is my intellectual property.
  3. The translation of the first sentence in this list to any other language is also my intellectual property. I want explicitly point out that sentences 1 and 2 are different.


Please send me my 3 sentences and the heading in your language

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Still Frame Videos with MEncoder

2008 I made 20000 photos, some of them allways from the same perspective. So I came up with this little film.

more movies

Frullemuck the Fruit Wolpertinger

Just a link

A new animated Goldbach

Patterns, what is it what I am looking for?

An interpretation of meaningfull patterns, that are atomic and abstract and they follow 1, 3, 10, 47, 246, 1602, 11481, 95503, 871030, 8879558 … which is A005651: Sum of multinomial coefficients

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The Partition Function implemented in Ruby and Python

1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 15, 22, 30, 42, 56, 77, 101, 135, 176, 231, 297, 385, 490, 627, 792, 1002, 1255, 1575, 1958, 2436, 3010, 3718, 4565, 5604, 6842, 8349, 10143, 12310, 14883, 17977, 21637, 26015, 31185, 37338, 44583, 53174, 63261, 75175, 89134, 105558, 124754, 147273, 173525, 204226, 239943, 281589, 329931, 386155, 451276, 526823, 614154, 715220, 831820, 966467, 1121505, 1300156, 1505499, 1741630, 2012558, 2323520, 2679689, 3087735, 3554345, 4087968, 4697205, 5392783, 6185689, 7089500, 8118264, 9289091, 10619863, 12132164, 13848650, 15796476, 18004327, 20506255, 23338469, 26543660, 30167357, 34262962, 38887673, 44108109, 49995925, 56634173, 64112359, 72533807, 82010177, 92669720, 104651419, 118114304, 133230930, 150198136, 169229875, 190569292

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The Microcosmos We Are Living In

One year documenting the changes of nature in our small world. Very nice: for example the october pics when autumn arrives.

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Selling mathematical art now on

By exloring the Goldbach Universe
I came up with this fantastic picture:

I think this is art, and as such worth being sold. So if interessted go to the profit branch of muzuu

άνομος λόγος

click me!

Some trials on the Goldbach Conjecture

The newest pic (added at 2009-02-04):

which I think is the most beautyfull!

Did some trials with adding Primenumbers and came up with some nice results.

For example: The distribution of holes between primenumbers:

or patterns of holes:

The Spiral Story

I found out that Stanisław Ulam in 1963 had an Idea, that inspired me so much, without knowing of him. So here is the storry.

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A prime number based fractal

Here the first 50 recursions in animated form:

8-fold symmetric pics of the partition of numbers by the number of their divisors

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DIY: Homebrewed Beer

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橆 犬 (Wu Quan – Not a Dog) The Adventures of a Tomcat and his Dog Luzie

Gimme 5 and you can call me Wu! This will become the story of my life.

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Animated Gifs with Ruby and RMagick

Quite simple with a nice example animation:

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Perfect pizza at home

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An idea for 2ndLife.

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Math Riddle II

Another one with great esthetics.

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A Permutationgame implemented with Python

A little game implemented with Tkinter and Python. Not realy challenging
but mathematically interessting.

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ANM Stuff: Spriralsymmetry

A nice example of naive mathematics. May be the using of
the term Spiralsymmetry here is not that what you will expect.
But I had to name the thing ;-)

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The ANM was founded in 2007

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Guitar Scale Application

A simple proof of concepts with Tkinter and Python. Special: It’s my guitar neck (photographie).

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Bloging with RedCloth

Writing down some texts in textile format, which I called “*.tt”. Used Ruby
and RedCloth to render them to html.

(modified at 2008-06-18: now File.mtime is checked)

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Cooking for Katalin (Language: German)

Some Recipies from a book I am going to write.

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Outdoor Kitchen

My wok in the garden. Fine!

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A litte math riddle (caution: 1.7 MB picture material on this page)

Somthing with spirals and prime numbers

Some notes on λμδααα

λμδααα is my acronym in greek letters …

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Real Random

I think there is real randomness …

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Have 431 Happy Moments a Day

Some times a wake up at night and look on the ceeling. I have a laser clock
an there is a number. I’ m allways happa to see a prime number, a palindrom
or a street. I think, this happy moments are worth, to be extended.

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