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Perfect pizza at home

I found a relative perfect method to make pizza at home. First the dough: make your yeast dough and let it minimum 1 day in the fridge, best results after 2 days! The power of Saccharomyces cerevisiae is unbeliveable. Turn arround your baking tray (inside the oven) and heat the oven to its maximum temperature. Build your pizza on a baking paper and lay it on the baking tray. After 7 minutes the pizza is right well, but not really perfect.

Bottom side is quite well, but the top could be better. And 7 minutes is too long ;-)

Go to the next buildin center (DIY store) an buy a granitic panel like this

40×40 cm and 3.90 € that’s quite ok, I think.

Ok, now for the heating. You have to wait until the stone is hot. really hot. This might be ecological incorrect, but we want a perfect pizza. So my thumb rule is 1h. And now a 2nd trick, if your oven has grill function turn it on after the oven reached max temperature.

Build your pizza. And now the problem is how to get it in the oven. Best solution will be a pizza blade. Ok I have none. So I useed a piece of carton (paperboard) which worked, but is not comfortable. The pizza has to be placed on the hot stone and after ca. 4 minutes it is perfect.


Ok, form should be optimized, but taste is perfect!

Pitas are going well. And my next experiment will be sourdough bread.