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“Some notes on λμδααα”

λμδααα is my acronym in greek letters for a german – but mostly used in bavaria – sentence which has the written form “Leckt’s mi do(ch) alle am Arsch” and means somthing near to “kiss my ass”. So the english translation may be κμα. There is a little differnce here I think, cause in bavaria this sentence is allmost usual and does not sound so bad in the ears of an original bavarian citizen. It’s meaning has more to do with two other sentences that I also like very much: “Steigt’s ma doch af’n Huat” (englisch translation: “(would you be so kind to) climb my hat”) or “Rutscht’s ma doch an Bugl obi” (“(would you be so kind to) slip down my back”).

So, if you see someone with a λμδααα t-shirt hold it like this: Be enjoyable!

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