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Raga Harikauns (India)

ScaleCoding: 6/26/7
Pitch Set binary: 2346
Binary 12notes 1&0: 100100101010
PitchSet Notation 12 edo: 0 3 6 8 10
Note Names from C: C Eb Gb Ab Bb
NotesInStepsOfFifiths: Gb-x-Ab-Eb-Bb-x-C
L and s Interval Sequence: (L+s) (L+s) (L) (L) (L)
Major Triads: Ab
Minor Triads: Ebm
Aug. Triads:
Dim. Triads: Cdim
Number Of Notes In Scale: 5
Ascending Note Positions in Scale: 1 3b 5b 6b 7b
LengthOfChain: 6
Flatmost Note: Gb
Sharpmost Note: C
Contiguous Notes: 3
PositionOfTonic: 7