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Play with the scales

I reconmend to get the mood of the scales, play around with drone music (India shruti or tambura). I searched the web to get a shruti box software and found at wikipedia:

this link to a software (Windows), which is probably free:

Your Tanpura v3 with soundpack (for fresh users and Your Tanpura v1 users) ~14MB

It is a quite easy to use:

Select a base tone (C-B) and the sort of tambura (there are only 2 in this programm: Sa Pa [T,D] or Sa Ma [T,SD], description is also here: ) and press play. Your computer now acts as Shruti box and you can play along (with your favorite instrument) with one of the scales. It’s quite nice to use a instrument where you can get the 1/4 tone steps (ex.: bends on guitar to have the possibility to bend in the tones of the selected raga or scale)

Work in progress: Guitar pages

Here are all scales in every key and the tabulatures for guitar. This is work in prgress but yet usefull. Take a look

Over 140000 Mappings from Triads (maj, min, aug, dim) to Scales hat include them

This is work in progress. So even if most of the mappings seem to be right, there may be mistakes. The database is just too big for me to check every dataset.

So please let me know if you find something wrong.

and here is a mapping from every triad (131) to all scales (score, tab and midi) that include this triad

Most recent Stuff:

Old stuff:

But you won’t even need the scales, simply play around with the combinatorical principle (ex.: select 5, 6 or 7 tones of 12 possible and play no others. 4, 8, 9 … is also an alternative)

Thanks to Lucytune where I found the Data of the 2338 theoretically possible scales with Base C. I generated the pngs with Lilypond

Howto make the scales pngs wit Ruby and Lilypond

Here is a description

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